Don’t Get Stuck…Move on!

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It is my unwavering belief that one of the most empowering qualities anyone can possess is the ability to move on. To soldier on and never look back wondering what could have been or spending precious time ruing the past. The thing is, no matter how intentional or deliberate you are about how you live your life, the things you say and do, the company you keep, your conduct at work and all other sundry things, you will make mistakes. Mistakes are an unavoidable part of the life of a person. A lapse in judgement will happen, however few or far between, because we are human.

Power, Ego, And Schadenfreudian Tendencies


You do not really know a man and what he is capable of until he is rich. No, you have little idea who a man is and what he is capable of until he has power. And no, he doesn’t have to be the wife of the number one citizen of the country who allegedly punishes a mischievous social media critic or the politician who reckons it’s beneath to mention the name of his opponent. He could be the fuel attendant manning the pump during a period of premium motor spirit scarcity or the security guy who denies you access to his boss because he perceives you to be arrogant.

A Tribute to 2022…The Year That Gave Me Everything


As the clock winds down on the year 2022, It would be a huge travesty to not acknowledge the immense blessing the past 365 days have been to me.

To say that 2022 has been the best year of my life would be no exaggeration.

Many of the things I had prayed for and willed into existence came to fruition this year, with the birth of my daughter topping the list.

This year, I earned the title “Mum” in every way possible.

It’s been challenging, exhilarating, humbling, and transforming, all at once.

Words That Should Remain Within


I have never been impressed by garrulous or talkative people. The foremost reason is that they do not have a filter; in the process of baring their minds all the time, they tend to say the words that should remain within. Words that are bound to hurt others and ruffle feathers when it’s unnecessary. There’s also the challenge of not giving adequate thought to one’s verbal expression when one speaks before one thinks thereby circumventing the natural course of things.

5 Types Of Voters You’ll Find In Nigeria

Hot topics are a staple of our existence depending on our societal reality at a particular moment in time. The usual suspects are the ever-rising cost of goods and services occasioned by inflation, government policies (primarily unfavourable), relationships, and celebrity shenanigans, amongst other contentious issues. However, none of these juicy subjects can hold a candle…